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Empowering Clients through Motivational Interviewing


The Crestwood Wellness and Recovery Center in Redding has incorporated an additional and powerful therapeutic tool in their dynamic recovery program known as Motivational Interviewing.  Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered therapeutic approach using a process that is infused with collaboration and personal choices and honors the person’s autonomy and self-direction.

There are five principles to Motivational Interviewing, which includes developing empathy to elicit engagement; identifying discrepancy between where the person is not and where they want to be; avoiding conflict while passively rolling along with any perceived resistance; avoiding the development of counter positions between client and staff; and supporting the client’s belief in their own abilities to build self-worth.

John Dalton, the facility’s Wellness and Recovery Director, explained, “Almost instantly after beginning the use of Motivational Interviewing, I noticed the clients being less resistive and more communicative.  We were able to elicit new information from each of the clients and there was the development of enhanced therapeutic relationships as clients and staff worked together toward each client’s self-identified goal.”

Many of the clients involved with the Motivational Interviewing therapy stated that they felt in greater control of their own recovery, and that the staff working with them truly heard what they had been trying to say to others for years.

The facility staff who have utilized the Motivational Interviewing technique also identified that it creates a collaborative conversation that leads to tremendous growth, empowerment, and healing.  By using the client’s own goals, beliefs, abilities, and reasoning, clients were less likely to resist the process of making positive changes in their lives.  The key to the therapy is the process of asking, listening, and informing the client in a reflective manner what was said during the conversation.  This interactive role between the clients and staff, which is grounded in the understanding of the importance of the clients’ perceptions and desires, has led to multiple success stories.

One of their clients said, “I never knew that I possessed the ability to change my life in such a profound way.  My Service Coordinator helped me to hear my own voice, and then cheered me on as I began to make the changes in my life that I wanted to change.”

Motivational Interviewing is just one of many tools that can be used in the recovery journey.  Yet, for many, it is that unique inner voice that once identified, heard, and acknowledged, can then be nourished, cultivated, and supported to help clients make self-empowered changes toward health and stability.

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An Innovative Approach for the Body and Mind


Alternative therapeutic approaches have been used to treat a variety of medical and psychiatric issues.  It is often found that an unbalanced physiological system can negatively affect a psychological system, producing symptoms of pain, stress, and nervousness, which can then worsen an existing disease. As more evidence becomes available through scientific research, it appears that stabilizing a person’s physical state, leads to improving their mental state and overall well-being. With this concept in mind, Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center in Redding decided to conduct an assessment and analysis of their clients and found that many of their clients possessed muscular skeletal complaints that they claimed affected their mood and psychiatric condition. To address this need, the facility’s treatment team decided to incorporate a chiropractic approach to help their clients. The treatment team contacted Dr. Ronald Henninger, a local chiropractor, to begin the process of treating their clients. This new chiropractic approach is in addition to the existing modalities used in their clients’ wellness plans and with the intention of offering enhanced treatment from a greater holistic perspective. Dr. Henninger has a passion for treating people with physical and psychological issues and said, “Working with these clients is rewarding and fulfilling, they are truly special and wonderful people.”

The response from the clients has been overwhelmingly positive to this chiropractic program.  One female client, who has utilized a wheelchair for many years, said that after her first few chiropractic adjustments, “I can now sit up much straighter and my back doesn’t hurt. I feel so much happier.” The staff also reports a male client who often mumbled and was hard to hear, is now speaking much louder and with greater clarity after receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Henninger.

The holistic approach of using chiropractic medicine, in addition to traditional mental health tools, appears to be beneficial in treating clients with both physical and psychological symptoms. Once again, Crestwood continues to lead the way with innovative approaches in mental healthcare and helping to inspire others toward success.

Contributed by: Nicoletta Groff, Administrator
Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center, Redding

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Discharged With Dignity

blog-dignity-0416The Discharge with Dignity Program that has produced extraordinary results.

Crestwood Wellness and Recovery Center in Redding has created the Discharge with Dignity Program that is helping to instill self-esteem and confidence in their clients who are being discharged.

Many of the clients at the facility have found themselves, due to a variety of reasons, owning very little possessions. Although the facility has helped many of them to obtain needed clothing and personal care supplies, it wasn’t uncommon for the clients to pack their limited possessions in plastic bags as they left the facility. So even though the clients had progressed in their wellness, enjoyed relief from their recent troubling symptoms and gained new tools to effectively re-engage in the community, they often felt undignified arriving at their new residence with their possessions packed in plastic shopping and garbage bags.

To help alleviate this issue, the facility staff began the Discharge with Dignity Program to collect backpacks, suitcases, and related items. Now as clients prepare for discharge, they are notified of the Discharge with Dignity Program and are offered suitcases or backpacks to store and transport their possessions in. They are also offered toiletry items, such as travel-size soaps and shampoos, to accompany their luggage.

This simple gesture and assistance has made a remarkable difference in the attitude and confidence of the facility’s clients who are continuing on their journey of wellness and recovery. “It is heartwarming to see clients hold their heads up high with their suitcase in hand,” said Nicoletta Groff, Administrator.  Many of their clients have stated that arriving at a new residence with nice luggage, instead of garbage bags, has fostered self-worth and pride. First impressions and perceptions are very powerful, not only for the new acquaintances, but also for the clients.  The Discharge with Dignity Program gives these clients that little boost of confidence that helps them to shine.

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Balance Through Yoga


Yoga Providing Balance at Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center in Redding

Some people may think that to participate in Yoga class would require a certain physical aptitude, conditioning, and frame of mind. Yet, really the only requirement is being willing and able to stretch the mind and body. Through a structured and repetitive Yoga class routine, clients are learning just that at Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center in Redding. The Yoga program offers classes every Tuesday night for any clients or staff who wish to participate. Deanna Voorhees, Wellness Manager at the facility, teaches the Yoga program.  Deanna has studied and taught ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance and Yoga for more than 20 years“Consistency is an important component of recovery,” said Deanna. “And when a client consistently attends any group, it speaks to their ability to commit to something and hopefully that will carry over into their community living skills.”

During the Yoga class, clients and staff are taught to focus on deep breathingrange of motion, balance, and centeredness. The clients learn about their body’spotential, rather than limitations.  The class also helps clients to increase self-awareness, enhance physical and mental stamina, detoxify the body, find a new social circle, and connect to their inner spirituality. Studies have shown that controlled breathing, which is an integral part of Yoga, provides relief for depression. Yoga also calms anxiety by reducing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and easing respiration. Clients report feeling more rested, relaxed, and that they sleep much better.  One client, Dan G., commented, “The Yoga class is relaxing and meditative. I feel better and can do it on my own.”

The Wellness & Recovery Center’s Yoga program has become so popular that there have been requests for an additional class. The program provides clients and staff at the Center with a chance to experience and learn there is much to be gained mentally, physically, and spiritually through Yoga.