Yoga Providing Balance at Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center in Redding

Some people may think that to participate in Yoga class would require a certain physical aptitude, conditioning, and frame of mind. Yet, really the only requirement is being willing and able to stretch the mind and body. Through a structured and repetitive Yoga class routine, clients are learning just that at Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center in Redding. The Yoga program offers classes every Tuesday night for any clients or staff who wish to participate. Deanna Voorhees, Wellness Manager at the facility, teaches the Yoga program.  Deanna has studied and taught ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance and Yoga for more than 20 years“Consistency is an important component of recovery,” said Deanna. “And when a client consistently attends any group, it speaks to their ability to commit to something and hopefully that will carry over into their community living skills.”

During the Yoga class, clients and staff are taught to focus on deep breathingrange of motion, balance, and centeredness. The clients learn about their body’spotential, rather than limitations.  The class also helps clients to increase self-awareness, enhance physical and mental stamina, detoxify the body, find a new social circle, and connect to their inner spirituality. Studies have shown that controlled breathing, which is an integral part of Yoga, provides relief for depression. Yoga also calms anxiety by reducing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and easing respiration. Clients report feeling more rested, relaxed, and that they sleep much better.  One client, Dan G., commented, “The Yoga class is relaxing and meditative. I feel better and can do it on my own.”

The Wellness & Recovery Center’s Yoga program has become so popular that there have been requests for an additional class. The program provides clients and staff at the Center with a chance to experience and learn there is much to be gained mentally, physically, and spiritually through Yoga.