This week has been a week to pause and search our hearts. We have had moments of elation with space travel. We have had reminders that although some businesses are now open, we are still in the early stages of a global pandemic, with increased numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths. We have also had one of the most tragic and painful moments of our lifetime, witnessing police brutality that resulted in the death of George Floyd. As a result, we have seen our communities around the country rise up and march side-by-side seeking justice. We have seen community after community stand up for equality, integrity, commitment and compassion. There is nothing more aligned with our Crestwood values than the dignity of human life and the ability to treat people with respect and kindness. We condemn racism and bigotry as we battle stigma for people. We have the profound duty and opportunity as a community of diverse Crestwood family members to dismantle generations of inequity and racism. We are committed to supporting justice, as we look for a way forward to create a better world that will be based on compassion, love and equality and it will take the commitment and effort of every one of us to make it happen.