blog-dignity-0416The Discharge with Dignity Program that has produced extraordinary results.

Crestwood Wellness and Recovery Center in Redding has created the Discharge with Dignity Program that is helping to instill self-esteem and confidence in their clients who are being discharged.

Many of the clients at the facility have found themselves, due to a variety of reasons, owning very little possessions. Although the facility has helped many of them to obtain needed clothing and personal care supplies, it wasn’t uncommon for the clients to pack their limited possessions in plastic bags as they left the facility. So even though the clients had progressed in their wellness, enjoyed relief from their recent troubling symptoms and gained new tools to effectively re-engage in the community, they often felt undignified arriving at their new residence with their possessions packed in plastic shopping and garbage bags.

To help alleviate this issue, the facility staff began the Discharge with Dignity Program to collect backpacks, suitcases, and related items. Now as clients prepare for discharge, they are notified of the Discharge with Dignity Program and are offered suitcases or backpacks to store and transport their possessions in. They are also offered toiletry items, such as travel-size soaps and shampoos, to accompany their luggage.

This simple gesture and assistance has made a remarkable difference in the attitude and confidence of the facility’s clients who are continuing on their journey of wellness and recovery. “It is heartwarming to see clients hold their heads up high with their suitcase in hand,” said Nicoletta Groff, Administrator.  Many of their clients have stated that arriving at a new residence with nice luggage, instead of garbage bags, has fostered self-worth and pride. First impressions and perceptions are very powerful, not only for the new acquaintances, but also for the clients.  The Discharge with Dignity Program gives these clients that little boost of confidence that helps them to shine.