Alternative therapeutic approaches have been used to treat a variety of medical and psychiatric issues.  It is often found that an unbalanced physiological system can negatively affect a psychological system, producing symptoms of pain, stress, and nervousness, which can then worsen an existing disease. As more evidence becomes available through scientific research, it appears that stabilizing a person’s physical state, leads to improving their mental state and overall well-being. With this concept in mind, Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center in Redding decided to conduct an assessment and analysis of their clients and found that many of their clients possessed muscular skeletal complaints that they claimed affected their mood and psychiatric condition. To address this need, the facility’s treatment team decided to incorporate a chiropractic approach to help their clients. The treatment team contacted Dr. Ronald Henninger, a local chiropractor, to begin the process of treating their clients. This new chiropractic approach is in addition to the existing modalities used in their clients’ wellness plans and with the intention of offering enhanced treatment from a greater holistic perspective. Dr. Henninger has a passion for treating people with physical and psychological issues and said, “Working with these clients is rewarding and fulfilling, they are truly special and wonderful people.”

The response from the clients has been overwhelmingly positive to this chiropractic program.  One female client, who has utilized a wheelchair for many years, said that after her first few chiropractic adjustments, “I can now sit up much straighter and my back doesn’t hurt. I feel so much happier.” The staff also reports a male client who often mumbled and was hard to hear, is now speaking much louder and with greater clarity after receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Henninger.

The holistic approach of using chiropractic medicine, in addition to traditional mental health tools, appears to be beneficial in treating clients with both physical and psychological symptoms. Once again, Crestwood continues to lead the way with innovative approaches in mental healthcare and helping to inspire others toward success.

Contributed by: Nicoletta Groff, Administrator
Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center, Redding