We experience many changes in life. Change can often be frightening, daunting and it can cause anxiety and resistance.  There are seasonal changes, economic changes and personal changes for each of us. The definition of change includes the act or process of making or becoming different and to undergo transformation. What we do know about change is that it is inevitable. Change is the only constant in life, it is the one thing we can count on, and it can be an incredible opportunity for growth.

Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc. has change as one of our primary goals in providing mental health recovery services. In the world of mental health recovery, change is the goal as a person moves through the recovery process.  Change allows a person to learn new behaviors, to let go of characteristics that are no longer needed and to replace them with more beneficial ones. It can be as simple as learning to take a bus or as dramatic as letting go of fear and replacing it with trust.  It can be learning to let go of regret and replacing it with gratitude and learning to let go of selfishness and replacing it with kindness and love. It is through change that people learn to live independent lives and to support each other and themselves.

So as we face change, remember that it is an opportunity to stand and take that next step forward and it is in this movement that we will continue to grow and thrive.

Contributed by: Patty Blum, PhD
Crestwood Vice President