Fallbrook Healing Center


blog-beacon-of-light-0316The proposed Fallbrook Healing Center will be a secure Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (MHRC) in the former Fallbrook Hospital and will serve 100 clients. It is built on a foundation of Crestwood Behavioral Health’s 49 years of providing mental health recovery and wellness services throughout California.

Crestwood will purchase the site (which has been closed since December 2014), secure the facility, improve it for appropriate use, and open the new center in 2018.

Mental health issues such as depression, bi-polar and suicide affect one out of every five families in our country, and this facility will provide much-needed help for many in this and surrounding communities.

We know that there are many questions about the new facility and its relationship with the Fallbrook community. We are committed to becoming a community asset and being responsive to your questions and concerns.

To learn more about the Fallbrook Healing Center please download the documents below:



3 thoughts on “Fallbrook Healing Center

  1. I’m a Fallbrook resident and homeowner and I’m not worried about the facility coming as some are. This is a short term lower tier facility. 1 and 5 Americans have some form of mental illness. We need more beds in this area, treatment is GOOD.


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  3. Such care is much needed to help people heal and recover .


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