Rashmi Rajadhyax, Program Director at Idylwood Care Center, got up one morning and thought, “Life is worth living.”  As that thought passed through her mind she decided to wonder out of curiosity what do other people think about life in general and what kind of message are people saying to themselves on a regular basis. Are those messages positive or negative? So to find out more, she surveyed 228 people at Idylwood Care Center which included residents, staff, doctors, families and visitors and asked them what life means to them. She then comprised the list of all answers which included:

Life is Worth Living • Life is Joy • Life is Beautiful • Life is Awesome • Life is Good • Life is Struggle, through struggles of life you find yourself • Life is Amazing • Life is Interesting • Life is Full of Meaning • Life is Happiness • Life is Wonderful • Life is Difficult • Life is Cavalcade of parade • Life is Crazy • Life is Challenging • Life is Great • Life is Full of surprises • Life is Family • Life is Enjoyable • Life is Fun • Life is Living • Life is Special • Life is Exciting • Life is Better than Death • Life is Short • Life is Precious • Life is Blessing • Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries • Life is Simple • Life is Rough • Life is Rewarding • Life is Everything • Life is Splendid • Life is Important • Life is Happy • Life is a Ball • Life is Prison • Life is to be Human • Life is What you make out of it • Life is Journey • Life is a Bowl of Honey, the More you Touch it, the Sweeter it Gets • Life is Everlasting • Life is Gold • Life is Full of Stress • Life is Blessing from God • Life is a Bowl of Roses • Life is Nice  • Life is Hard • Life is Complicated • Life is an Escalator with Ups and Downs • Life is Full of Choices • Life is On • Life is Full of Miseries  • Life is Bright • Life is 10% What you Make it and 90% How you Take it

Rashmi said that it was a fun and satisfying experience to create something so simple that would inspire so much excitement and curiosity in people.  The final list was compiled and copies were handed out at the facility so everyone could share with their friends and families, and to clip on a bulletin board at work or home if they wanted to.

“What it ultimately comes down to is that life is a field of unlimited possibilities. We have choices.  Life is all these quotes at one given time and life is inclusive of all,” said Rashmi.   “Use them, share them, and get inspired by them. It doesn’t matter how you use them, if they make your day happy and bright.”

Contributed by:
Rashmi Rajadhyax, Program Director
Idylwood Care Center

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