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An Innovative Approach for the Body and Mind


Alternative therapeutic approaches have been used to treat a variety of medical and psychiatric issues.  It is often found that an unbalanced physiological system can negatively affect a psychological system, producing symptoms of pain, stress, and nervousness, which can then worsen an existing disease. As more evidence becomes available through scientific research, it appears that stabilizing a person’s physical state, leads to improving their mental state and overall well-being. With this concept in mind, Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center in Redding decided to conduct an assessment and analysis of their clients and found that many of their clients possessed muscular skeletal complaints that they claimed affected their mood and psychiatric condition. To address this need, the facility’s treatment team decided to incorporate a chiropractic approach to help their clients. The treatment team contacted Dr. Ronald Henninger, a local chiropractor, to begin the process of treating their clients. This new chiropractic approach is in addition to the existing modalities used in their clients’ wellness plans and with the intention of offering enhanced treatment from a greater holistic perspective. Dr. Henninger has a passion for treating people with physical and psychological issues and said, “Working with these clients is rewarding and fulfilling, they are truly special and wonderful people.”

The response from the clients has been overwhelmingly positive to this chiropractic program.  One female client, who has utilized a wheelchair for many years, said that after her first few chiropractic adjustments, “I can now sit up much straighter and my back doesn’t hurt. I feel so much happier.” The staff also reports a male client who often mumbled and was hard to hear, is now speaking much louder and with greater clarity after receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Henninger.

The holistic approach of using chiropractic medicine, in addition to traditional mental health tools, appears to be beneficial in treating clients with both physical and psychological symptoms. Once again, Crestwood continues to lead the way with innovative approaches in mental healthcare and helping to inspire others toward success.

Contributed by: Nicoletta Groff, Administrator
Crestwood Wellness & Recovery Center, Redding

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The Power of Change


We experience many changes in life. Change can often be frightening, daunting and it can cause anxiety and resistance.  There are seasonal changes, economic changes and personal changes for each of us. The definition of change includes the act or process of making or becoming different and to undergo transformation. What we do know about change is that it is inevitable. Change is the only constant in life, it is the one thing we can count on, and it can be an incredible opportunity for growth.

Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc. has change as one of our primary goals in providing mental health recovery services. In the world of mental health recovery, change is the goal as a person moves through the recovery process.  Change allows a person to learn new behaviors, to let go of characteristics that are no longer needed and to replace them with more beneficial ones. It can be as simple as learning to take a bus or as dramatic as letting go of fear and replacing it with trust.  It can be learning to let go of regret and replacing it with gratitude and learning to let go of selfishness and replacing it with kindness and love. It is through change that people learn to live independent lives and to support each other and themselves.

So as we face change, remember that it is an opportunity to stand and take that next step forward and it is in this movement that we will continue to grow and thrive.

Contributed by: Patty Blum, PhD
Crestwood Vice President

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A Compass for Growth


Crestwood’s Values Providing a Compass for Growth

At Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc., we are excited about new opportunities.  So as Crestwood continues to grow, we always use our corporate values as the lens for every decision and change in direction. Our values are our compass to move forward as an organization and are revisited frequently throughout the year and always when we are faced with new opportunities, threats or decisions. Our values are simple: Commitment, Enthusiasm, Flexibility,  Integrity, Family, and Compassion. Each of these values holds its own set of principles and beliefs that act as a guiding force to us as a company internally, as well as externally in our relationships with stakeholders and partners.

Commitment is the glue that holds our organization together. It is the promise to follow through and to stay uncompromising to our vows and obligations.  Commitment is what binds us together as a work force; it is the motivation to get up and be on time for work because you don’t want to let your coworkers or clients down. It is the pledge to provide recovery-based, socially-responsible services for our clients.

Enthusiasm is exemplified in our tenure of excited and motivated employees. The average length of employment for Crestwood is seven years. Crestwood employees have  a strong pride in themselves and a natural enthusiasm for the work they do.  It is often seen in our facilities that staff members with 20 years of tenure are still as excited about what they do as our newest employees.

Flexibility is the hallmark of Crestwood. We continuously adjust and reinvent service models to utilize the most current research, evidenced-based practices and to meet the ever evolving needs of our communities. Flexibility allows us to provide our clients with the most appropriate programs and services. We understand – and strive to meet – the range and variety of mental health needs of our clients, their families and their communities. We provide innovative and effective programs and services that enhance our clients’ wellness and promote their recovery.

Integrity/Ethics is the cornerstone for all we do. Ethics is defined as morals, beliefs, and principles that are a system or defense for right and wrong conduct.  It seems simple, yet as we often read in news articles, hear at industry meetings, or observe in our own communities, it is often not so simple. Crestwood as an organization holds ethics as a core value.  In all of our partnerships, integrity, trust, respect and dependability are all non-negotiable. We hold corporate responsibility at the highest level of commitment. Through our continuous quality improvement and our performance improvement process, we analyze and recommit to providing the most ethical and efficient services to all of our stakeholders.

Family is the foundation that Crestwood was built on. We have a rich background of being founded by a family who are committed to the operations. Our partnerships with clients, their families, our staff, the community, business associates and volunteers all comprise the Crestwood family. We focus on family involvement and education and make every attempt, where appropriate, to bring in families as a part of client care.

Compassion at Crestwood is demonstrated with warmth, kindness and caring in everything we do for our clients and staff. We seek compassionate employees in the recruitment process and we nurture compassion in the training, supervision and general operations.  We honor the preservation of each client’s self-respect and dignity.

At Crestwood we live these values and use them as the barometer for our success and view all of our corporate decisions through this lens. And with our values, Crestwood is excited to take on the challenges and opportunities that this new period in behavioral healthcare brings.

Contributed by: Patty Blum, PhD, Crestwood Vice President

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Discharged With Dignity

blog-dignity-0416The Discharge with Dignity Program that has produced extraordinary results.

Crestwood Wellness and Recovery Center in Redding has created the Discharge with Dignity Program that is helping to instill self-esteem and confidence in their clients who are being discharged.

Many of the clients at the facility have found themselves, due to a variety of reasons, owning very little possessions. Although the facility has helped many of them to obtain needed clothing and personal care supplies, it wasn’t uncommon for the clients to pack their limited possessions in plastic bags as they left the facility. So even though the clients had progressed in their wellness, enjoyed relief from their recent troubling symptoms and gained new tools to effectively re-engage in the community, they often felt undignified arriving at their new residence with their possessions packed in plastic shopping and garbage bags.

To help alleviate this issue, the facility staff began the Discharge with Dignity Program to collect backpacks, suitcases, and related items. Now as clients prepare for discharge, they are notified of the Discharge with Dignity Program and are offered suitcases or backpacks to store and transport their possessions in. They are also offered toiletry items, such as travel-size soaps and shampoos, to accompany their luggage.

This simple gesture and assistance has made a remarkable difference in the attitude and confidence of the facility’s clients who are continuing on their journey of wellness and recovery. “It is heartwarming to see clients hold their heads up high with their suitcase in hand,” said Nicoletta Groff, Administrator.  Many of their clients have stated that arriving at a new residence with nice luggage, instead of garbage bags, has fostered self-worth and pride. First impressions and perceptions are very powerful, not only for the new acquaintances, but also for the clients.  The Discharge with Dignity Program gives these clients that little boost of confidence that helps them to shine.